What do you LOVE doing – SO MUCH that you’d do it for free? If it’s not what you’re currently doing for a job, then maybe you should consider setting up a small business.

Obviously, that only applies to activities that you love to do, and that could conceivably provide some kind of value to people who would be happy to pay you to do it for them. Gardening, for example. Or accounting (yes, I’m certain there are people who love it!). Or website design (ok, that’s one of MY hobbies, and I often DO do it for free, because I find it a lot of fun – it’s one reason that my husband and I both have so many websites :-). Or playing with dogs. Or cats. Or interior design. Or de-cluttering. Or cooking. Or sewing. Or making jewelry. Or writing stories.

In a recent article on AOL’s DailyFinance website, one recommendation is Create Multiple Streams of Income – by turning a hobby into a freelance job. It’s also something I’ve been recommending in my Creating Financial Prosperity course. Why? Well, besides being a way to bring in some extra $$$ doing something you enjoy doing, there are also all sorts of tax advantages open to small business owners that are not available to employees. If you love the predictable income that comes with a steady job, but have some free time that you wouldn’t mind turning into money, then you can reap some of those tax advantages yourself (think ‘best of both worlds’).

So, give it some thought. Can you think of anything that other people sometimes pay for that you enjoy doing (and are GOOD at!)? (note: I recommend leaving ‘sex’ off the list)

A surprising number of people are incredibly busy these days, and are prepared to pay money to free up some time (one reason why fast-food restaurants, and highly processed ‘convenience’ foods, are so popular – it clearly isn’t just because of the flavor).

Got any ideas? Please share!

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