When my husband and I chose to separate, our biggest challenge was coming up with a workable plan to separate our finances. We each had very different ideas of what we needed and what the other needed and so we argued about it a lot. We decided to ask Michele to have a look and suggest some options for us.

What she offered was extremely helpful. The suggestions were practical, detailed and were explained clearly. My husband and I could really see how her suggestions could work and we could accept why she had made them. Getting Michele’s viewpoint made our separation process much less stressful and I am really glad we had her help!


When I attended Michele’s 3 Keys seminar, I was feeling weighed down by personal debt and felt like I would never be able to get out from under it.

During the seminar, she provided a goal-setting worksheet; I knew right away I wanted to look at my debt situation but was unable to answer many of the questions because I did not actually know what my debt was. I went home, looked over all my finances, and followed the worksheet; with it I was able to make a plan to pay off my debts. By the end of this year I will have cleared all of my debts except my car loan – years ahead of schedule – AND have an emergency fund in place!

Michele has the ability to present information regarding money in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. Her seminar reminded me that the key to money is awareness. I look forward to attending her upcoming course to learn more about investments and budgeting for the future.


I attended Michele’s seminar couple of nights ago and got HUGE value. She taught strategies that were so simple, yet profound. I have already started to shift how I view and use money. This is the first time I feel like I can easily start to make a real financial difference and make the changes that I have wanted to for a long time. With Michele’s help and guidance I know I can because she helps me from where I’m at, not where she is or where everyone else is.


Thank you so much for offering this course! It has really pushed me in the right financial direction.

Would you recommend Creating Financial Prosperity to friends and family?

Yes, I would, and I have! I told them about the value that I got from the program, and the importance of not leaving their finances strictly in the hands of other people… Take charge of your own money, know where it’s going and make it work for you.


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